We are the pioneers of artificial intelligence poker bots, and we bring you an exclusive solution for the X-Poker platform. Utilizing the power of machine learning, neural networks and advanced AI, we are changing the way you win and earn in poker. 

 🚀 Superior Technology: Our software combines advanced artificial intelligence with the best poker strategy. It evaluates data from hand history, player statistics and table dynamics in real time to offer optimal play recommendations. 

 🎖 Unrivaled experience: Take advantage of the bot's ability to adapt, bluff and exploit your opponents' weaknesses. Raise your game, increase your earnings, and learn from the insights gained through artificial intelligence

 🥇 Seamless integration: Our software seamlessly integrates with the X-Poker app. In addition our X-Poker poker bot for Android is undetectable by the poker room, which means your deposit and reputation are completely safe.


X-Poker AI poker bots prices

 We offer you three packages of our AI poker bot: 

  1. Rookie's Margherita: Receive AI hints and play manually. You decide whether to follow the AI's guidance. Available poker type: No Limit Holdem. Play on three accounts simultaneously. Includes a Starter Gas Pack (300 units).
  2. Pro AI's Cheese Feast (the most popular): Run up to 6 poker bots simultaneously. Fully automatic operation once placed at the table. Available poker types: NLH, Pot-Limit Omaha with 4 cards. Manage bots via Control Center. Includes a Starter Gas Pack (300 units).
  3. Ultimate Pepperoni Delight (All-in package): Operate an unlimited number of bots automatically. Available poker types: NLH, PLO4, PLO5, MTT, and Open-Face Chinese. Access analytics, manage bots via Control Center, and engage in table chat rooms. Includes a Starter Gas Pack (300 units).

AI Fuel: Think of AI Fuel as the "gasoline" for your poker bot. Just like a car needs gas to run, your poker bot requires AI Fuel to operate and make moves. It's the essential energy source that powers each hand, enabling your bot to analyze, strategize, and play. The more you play, the more Fuel you use up. Costs hinge on poker type and limit.

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